Dante 360 Program


Scene 1 Inferno: Canto I

Scene 2 Inferno: Canto III

Scene 3: Inferno Canto IV

Quivi Sospira, Schola Antiqua

Scene 4 Inferno: Canto V

Marenzio, Schola Antiqua

Scene 5 Inferno, Canto XXXII

Anthony O’Daly, Schola Antiqua


Salve Regina, Schola Antiqua

Scene 1 Purgatorio, Canto V

Scene 2 Purgatorio, Canto X

Scene 3 Purgatorio, Canto X1

Ego humilitas—Hildegard, Schola Antiqua

Intermission (10mins)

ACT 2: PURGATORIO continued

Scene 4 Purgatorio, Canto XVII

Scene 5 Purgatorio, Canto XVIII

Scene 6 Purgatorio, Canto XXX

Tota pulchra es amica mea, Schola Antiqua


Scene 1 Paradisio, Canto1

Sanctus, Schola Antiqua

Scene 2 Paradisio, Canto X

Scene 2 Paradisio, Canto X

Scene 3 Paradisio, Canto XXIV

Lars Edlund, Schola Antiqua

Scene 4 Paradisio, Canto XXXI

Ave Maria, Schola Antiqua

Scene 5 Paradisio, Canto XXXIII

Frederick Delius


Elizabeth Lev holds degrees in art history from the University of Chicago and the University of Bologna and has been teaching art history at Duquesne University’s Italian campus since 2002. She is a well-known tour guide and serves as a consultant to the Vatican Museums for their art and faith itineraries, projects with the Vatican Patrons of the Arts and wrote “Vatican Treasures: The Via Pulchritudinis,” a film presented to Pope Benedict XVI in 2012.

Lev’s books include A Body for Glory: Theology of the Body in the Papal Collections, and How Catholic Art Saved the Faith, and she writes regularly for several journals, including Angelus and Magnificat. She is a Vatican analyst for NBC, and has appeared on the Today Show, Nightline and 60 Minutes and her TED Talk on the Sistine Chapel has garnered over 1.8 million views. She sits on the board for the Athenaeum Center for Thought and Culture.

Schola Antiqua is a Chicago-based professional early music collective, which prepares and performs insightful programs of pre-modern music. A group that executes ancient repertories with “sensitivity and style” (Early Music America), Schola Antiqua takes pride in providing the highest standards of performance, balanced by research on historical musics from the European Renaissance and earlier. Founded in 2000, the organization has received invitations to perform from a remarkable array of institutions, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Morgan Library & Museum, and the Newberry Library. The ensemble is currently Artist-in-Residence at the Lumen Christi Institute. In 2012, Schola Antiqua received the Noah Greenberg Award from the American Musicological Society for outstanding contributions to historical performing practice.
Narrator, Tim Kidwell
Dante Alighieri, Erik Schiller
Beatrice, Christie Coran
Virgil, Mike Rogalski
Omberto/St. Peter, Jerry Bloom
Paola/Odrisi/Bonconte/St. Bernard, Gabriel Fries

Production Crew

Lawrence Daufenbach, Director

Peggy Garvey, Asst. Director

Rachel Henneberry, Stage Manager

Collin Helou, Lighting

Johnny Gaskill, Audio

Michal Stults, Video


Board of Directors

Lawrence Daufenbach

Anthony Pienta

James N. Perry Jr.

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Advisory board

Ross Douthat

Dana Gioia

Elizabeth Lev

Advisory committee

Mark A. Bartosic

Steven Bauer

Peggy Garvey

Zach Martinez

Jeff Parker

J.R. Sullivan

Founding Members

Taylor Luiso

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